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This is the final post in a series on The DVS Group Tenets – the principles, philosophies, values that guide our merger and acquisition work. Find the other posts in the series here.

The final DVS Group tenet is “Human”.

In an industry that’s known for being stuffy, arrogant and all about the numbers, we believe humans matter.

We’re not talking about “human capital” or “people risk”. People are not an academic exercise or simply a concept to consider in deal structure. We’re talking about real, true relationships. We’re talking about people, genuine people.

Business ownership transfer can and will change people’s lives. Particularly yours – the buyer or seller.

Business ownership is part of a person’s identity. Whether you are walking into that role or transitioning out, it will be a change that goes deeper than your job title.

That change is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We recognize we’re playing a game for all the marbles. A legacy is at stake.

With that in mind, you might want to know who you’re trusting to guide you through this decision. Meet the team who will walk you through the buying or selling process.

Meet the Duo

“DVS is small enough and Midwestern enough to not make you feel stupid asking questions. One of the hallmarks of investment bankers is arrogance and DVS doesn’t have that.” -Former Client

Kevin and Ben working hard in the conference room getting an LOI drafted

Meet Ben

“My favorite part of the job is discovering niche companies and the owners who make them special, then watching a new owner form a bond with the business to help it continue to grow. Every day, it is a privilege to work with people who have the confidence to invest in themselves and take on the remarkable responsibilities of business ownership.” -Ben

Professor Ben?

Meet Kevin

“It’s completely different when you’re trying to solve a problem that really changes somebody’s life and their family versus I’m just really good at what I did and I got an extra 1% IRR. It’s actually the human piece that I love more than anything else.” -Kevin

*Unavailable for a picture – possibly finishing an assignment from Professor Ben…

Meet the Project Managers

Jenny and Caroline run the acquisition search processes. Coordinating the conversations that need to take place and getting the right information to the right place at the right time. You’ll want to get to know them. These women get things done!

Of course, pictures and a few sentences of text isn’t enough. We would be happy to connect by email, phone or in-person to truly get acquainted. Contact us for a confidential conversation.

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