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The Professional Advisor's Guide to Hiring an Investment Banker
Accountant, financial advisor, insurance agent, banker, attorney… Whoever you are, you will likely have clients, at some point or another, who want to (or have to) sell their business. Although exciting and novel, this step in your client’s life is risky for you because you’re not in charge of the process. To mitigate some of that risk, you can guide your client to make a good decision on the investment banker he or she chooses…
Top Three Ways to Begin the Business Valuation Process with Your Clients
As an advisor, you have your client’s trust and thus, you desire to direct them wisely. When your client is a business owner there is an additional asset to consider- an asset that is hard to put a number on. Each business is unique and requires a careful valuation process. The valuation process can feel complicated and often evokes emotion.

The DVS Group is a boutique merger and acquisition firm specializing in businesses with at least $1 million in annual profit. We go beyond the numbers to find your right match - your Purple Squirrel.

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