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The Best Industry for Your Business Acquisition
Whether you are a corporate or individual buyer, one of your first questions in the process is related to the business’ industry. Which industry is best?
How to Prevail When 70-90% of Strategic Acquisitions Fail
Strategic acquisitions have a historical failure rate of 70-90%. That’s a pretty dismal stat.So, how do you properly lead your team in an acquisition process when the cards are stacked against you? Go back to the basics. Below are five reminders of basic, yet vitally important, acquisition principles that will allow you to steer clear of failure. We included action items to help your team gain momentum in the right direction.
Buckle Up! 4 Ways Your Journey to Buy a Business Could Get Derailed
Are you properly settled in for the ride as a Blue-Chip Executive on the journey to buy a business? The journey can be long and arduous, and you might get lost and never arrive, or crash on the way, or get distracted, or wind up at the wrong destination.
"The Most Important Things I Did to Successfully Buy a Business"
Jason Andrews, current owner and CEO of GroupSource Group Purchasing, had spent much of his career in the medical device space. He had a lead sales job managing a remote team in a large geographic area. Jason’s job required a lot of traveling. He was expected to be continually growing and building the company for somebody else, for those above him in the hierarchy. He was ready for a change.
"Can I Afford to Buy a Business?" Two Frameworks to Help You Answer That Question
If you’ve ever considered purchasing a business, the thought right after, “I can be my own boss!” is likely “Can I even afford it?” Business ownership is rewarding in many ways- beyond finances. But it also brings lifestyle changes that impact those around you. It's an investment you want to be confident in. We won’t talk in absolutes about whether or not you can afford to buy a business. But, after a decade of seeing…
Letter of Intent: Crafting the First Step to a Successful Acquisition
You found the business you want to buy. Congrats! Now what? There are many things that need to happen before a deal closes. One of the first steps you’ll need to take is to write, sign and negotiate a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the seller. An LOI is a non-binding document, meaning there is not a legal requirement for things to play out exactly as the document states.
Two Insider Tips for Picking a Bank for Your SBA Financing
SBA financing- particularly when used for business acquisition- involves very specific limitations and requirements. Because of its detailed and complex nature, using just any bank for SBA lending would be a mistake. Do your research and pick a bank that has experience and that you trust. This is not an exhaustive shopping guide but these two tips will get you well on your way to making a solid choice in your SBA lender.
Is Your Business Ready to Take the Acquisition Journey? Ask These Five Questions
Buying a business is no easy task. When you make an acquisition there are real consequences for you and your entire team. Before you set off down the road in pursuing an acquisition you should address the following five questions. Questions one and two are particularly vital and often overlooked.
Are You Ready to Buy a Business? Six Questions to Ask to Find Out
Buying a business is hard work. Are you ready for that task? Below are six questions to help you find out. These questions are tailored specifically for the individual executive seeking to acquire a business (a different set of questions should be asked by corporate buyers). If that’s you, take some time to consider these questions.
Don't Fear the Acquisition Jump: How Nonprofits Acquire Private Businesses
As an executive at a nonprofit, you deeply and sincerely care for your organization’s mission. Fulfilling the mission is the pinnacle of your organization’s purpose. Whether that mission is employment services, environmental conservation or political advocacy, your mission is important and engaging to the community. And if you’re like other nonprofit executives, you consider your organization’s nonprofit status as an important piece of advocating for the mission. Carrying a 501(c)(3) status allows for distinct operations…

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