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What to Do If You Get an Unsolicited Offer for Your Business
Not many things are more overwhelming or intimidating than when a business you respect approaches you asking that you consider selling your business. Whether you’re ready to sell or not, there is a rush of emotions: fear, excitement, trepidation, pride. Every fiber of your being wants this to work out for the survival of your business, for your employees, your family, your legacy.
How to Start Strong in Your Business Exit Process
Honesty. Selling your business requires honesty. You must be prepared to answer the questions that buyers have in an honest, almost clinical way. Starting strong in your business exit process involves being honest about your motivation, your numbers, your employees, your customers and your competitors. It’s a bit like going to the doctor to get your moles checked – annoying, frustrating, a bit anxiety inducing but you come out on the other side aware of…
Who Does My Business Feed? A Look at the Rippling Impact of Small Business in the U.S.
Most of us have a desire to make an impact, make a difference, contribute. Business owners have a unique opportunity to do that in ways that ripple beyond their direct sphere of influence. Curious how? Take a look at the statistics below about small business in the US, the individuals it impacts and the community that benefits. 
Three Things You Need to Know About Seller Financing
A business is for sale. Buyer and seller meet. It’s a match made in heaven. They’re ready to get a deal done. How is the buyer going to find the millions of dollars required to buy the business? Likely partially from you, the seller.
Who Will (Maybe) Buy Your Business: A Business Owner's Guide to Potential Buyers
There are two main considerations when thinking about who would and could buy your business. The first is your management team. The second is the size of your business. Why are these the two main considerations? They’re the first two aspects of the business a buyer will go to in order to evaluate. Your management team and the size of your business matter to buyers.
[Listen] The Buyer's Perspective: Interview on Exit Coach Radio
I enjoyed my time talking to Bill Black about the buyer's perspective in business acquisition. These insights might be helpful if you are a motivated seller and desire to be attractive to potential buyers of your business. Check out more of Bill Black's Exit Coach Radio interviews here. 
Selling Your Business? The Key Is Preparation
You have worn many hats throughout your life- child, sibling, spouse, parent, business owner. To many, the role of business owner may appear to simply be a job title. But to those of us who know better, the role of business owner becomes an integral piece of a person’s life. The time, effort and money put into the business instills a deep care for the business, its people and its future.

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