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Ben Olsen

Ben Olsen

Managing Partner

21 Jun 17
I find that people are often confused about what I do as an advisor at a mergers and acquisitions firm. If you search for an answer about what people within…
07 Jun 17
Whether you are a corporate or individual buyer, one of your first questions in the process is related to the business’ industry. Which industry is best?
24 May 17
As merger & acquisition professionals, we know that much of our job is education. The work we do day-in and day-out is a little bit complicated, a little bit obscure,…
17 May 17
Not many things are more overwhelming or intimidating than when a business you respect approaches you asking that you consider selling your business. Whether you’re ready to sell or not,…
05 Apr 17
Honesty. Selling your business requires honesty. You must be prepared to answer the questions that buyers have in an honest, almost clinical way. Starting strong in your business exit process…
01 Mar 17
You found the business you want to buy. Congrats! Now what? There are many things that need to happen before a deal closes. One of the first steps you’ll need…
15 Feb 17
A business is for sale. Buyer and seller meet. It’s a match made in heaven. They’re ready to get a deal done. How is the buyer going to find the…
01 Feb 17
SBA financing- particularly when used for business acquisition- involves very specific limitations and requirements. Because of its detailed and complex nature, using just any bank for SBA lending would be…
25 Jan 17
There are two main considerations when thinking about who would and could buy your business. The first is your management team. The second is the size of your business. Why…
18 Jan 17
Buying a business is no easy task. When you make an acquisition there are real consequences for you and your entire team. Before you set off down the road in…
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