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Kevin Lindsey


19 Apr 17
Strategic acquisitions have a historical failure rate of 70-90%. That’s a pretty dismal stat.So, how do you properly lead your team in an acquisition process when the cards are stacked…
12 Apr 17
Are you properly settled in for the ride as a Blue-Chip Executive on the journey to buy a business? The journey can be long and arduous, and you might get…
15 Mar 17
If you’ve ever considered purchasing a business, the thought right after, “I can be my own boss!” is likely “Can I even afford it?” Business ownership is rewarding in many…
23 Feb 17
Accountant, financial advisor, insurance agent, banker, attorney… Whoever you are, you will likely have clients, at some point or another, who want to (or have to) sell their business. Although…
23 Jan 17
The distinction between a financial buyer and a strategic buyer is pretty straightforward. A financial buyer acquires a company as an investment for returns. A strategic buyer acquires a company…
28 Dec 16
As an advisor, you have your client’s trust and thus, you desire to direct them wisely. When your client is a business owner there is an additional asset to consider- …
15 Dec 16
You have worn many hats throughout your life- child, sibling, spouse, parent, business owner. To many, the role of business owner may appear to simply be a job title. But…

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