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Barrier Technologies: Rated Barrier Professionals

Barrier Technologies: Rated Barrier Professionals

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Industry: Specialty Contracting- Life Safety Compliance

DVS Role: Buy-Side Advisory to Corporate Executive

The Buyer: Mr. Michael Haverty has a varied background in sales and business development. Most recently Mike was a Senior Vice President with JE Dunn, a national general contractor headquartered in Kansas City. Mike was tasked with business development in the data center sector, and under his leadership that division grew to be ranked in the top 15 contractors nationally.

The Seller: Barrier Technologies is a national life safety compliance specialty contractor providing services that fall under the category of fire rated barriers. Their services include perimeter joint systems for high rise construction, building expansion joints, fire resistive joint systems, acoustical & sound caulking, firestopping, and mechanically fastened board fireproofing systems. With clients nationwide, they have completed projects for facilities within many different industries including: healthcare, mission critical, government, commercial, industrial and sports and recreational.

The Close: Mike came to DVS seeking an acquisition opportunity, and it was extremely important that he not create any waves by getting into a line of work that would compete with JE Dunn. DVS had developed connections with the owners of Barrier Technologies and knew that the company was undergoing rapid growth. Barrier would benefit from a seasoned executive to lead its business development efforts. Barrier was also a subcontractor to JE Dunn and presented no competitive threat. After several months of discussions and education it was determined that the best path would be for Mike to join the firm as a partner, at the same time investing to assist with the growth plans of the company. DVS assisted with the valuation and structure of the transaction to ensure an alignment of all invested parties.


29 July 2015


Corporate Executive

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