Frequently Asked Questions

1. What industries do you work in?

We are industry agnostic – no favorites here.

That being said – we prefer to not dig too deep into software or industries driven heavily by real-estate, like restaurants or hospitality.

2. What’s your geographical focus?

We work nationwide and, sometimes, internationally.

Our clients give us their geographical parameters and we go from there.

Because we’re based in Kansas City, we know the Midwest especially well.

3. How many transactions have you closed in the last two years?

12 – 8 buyside representation, 4 sellside representation

4. What is the transaction size range for the deals you’ve closed in the last two years?

$2.3M to $21.7M

5. How were the transaction financed?

4 – Family Office Backed
2 – SBA Lending
2 – Conventional Lending
2 – Strategic Acquisitions
1 – Mezzanine Lending

6. Where were the successful transactions located?

13 cities across 8 states

7. If I want to hear a good story from Kevin what should I ask him about?

McDonald’s pizza


Updated May 2019