Your Deal

The DVS Group Kansas City

Our Expertise. Your Good.

We’re not like other merger and acquisition firms. We don’t want to be. We take on clients other firms run from: First-time buyers. Underserved communities. Clients with specialized interests and intriguing values. Buyers and sellers whose bottom line is making a real difference for the people around them.

We like to say we’re in the purple squirrel business: We love finding that so-perfect-you-can’t-believe-it match for our clients. If you’re dreaming of a particular kind of business or buyer and everyone else is telling you to lower your expectations…don’t. Call us instead. You’re our kind of people.

No matter where your deal is in the race, we want to run next to you,
making your deal achievable by providing you with a process customized for your deal and guided by us.

DVS Group Expertise

From the beginning to the end, our dealmaking process is practiced and perfected. Here is how we work:

  • Process: The technical steps you need to get from where you are now to a closed deal
  • Education: The knowledge you need to make sense of the esoteric dealmaking world
  • Deal Structure and Negotiation: The experience you need to know what is fair and reasonable in crafting the best deal possible
  • Network: The connections you need to add the right attorney, banker, investor, etc. to your deal team
  • Relationship Management: The wherewithal you need to handle the large percentage of dealmaking that’s emotional