Dix and Roue Acquisition of Avant Acoustics


Industry:  Acoustical Consulting and Audiovisual Design

Location:  Lenexa, Kansas

The DVS Group Role: Buyside Advisory

Dondi Dix and Jerry Roue (DVS Buyside Client):

Dondi Dix and Jerry Roue met in their Masters in Business Administration program, so it’s only fate that they became business owners years later. Dondi boasts international experiences that encompasses everything from HR operations to leading strategic projects. Her latest role being the Chief People Officer of a large Kansas City company, Dondi’s core competencies have no shortfall in the management and development of the most important asset of a company – the people. Dondi’s husband, Jerry, has always tried his hand at new opportunities, readying him for the variety of challenges that a small business holds. From retail management, to journalism, to real estate, Jerry was eager when Avant Acoustics became an opportunity for the couple, and he immediately ordered reading materials to educate himself in the industry.

Avant Acoustics (Seller):

Drew Siebert, an engineer by trade, was the most recent owner of the almost 60-year-old company, Avant Acoustics. Avant offers Acoustical Consulting and Audio-Visual Design Services typically for new construction and renovations. Some verticals served are primarily regional (Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Oklahoma), while other verticals served are nationwide in nature.

The Deal:

A Veteran, Dondi came to find The DVS Group through her vast network of Army constituents. Kevin Lindsey, DVS Founder and Managing Partner, secured an investment from The Veteran’s Fund to support her business acquisition. Mandy Prather, DVS Associate, negotiated the deal to include working capital and seller carry notes alongside a SBA 7(a) term loan through Danny Lobina and NBH Bank. Closing in December 2020, Drew Seibert, Seller, has more time and net worth to pursue farming and residential real estate, while Dondi and Jerry are proud owners of a strong Kansas City company.