CDS Incorporated

Location: St. Louis, MO

Industry: Healthcare – Biomedial Equipment Sales & Service

DVS Role: Buy-Side Advisory to Growing Business
The Buyer: HMS Health LLC ( is a trusted provider of biomedical equipment repair and clinical engineering services. Experienced technicians meticulously manage every aspect of equipment repairs, and the company provides digital tracking and reporting for clients’ compliance records. Effective inventory control is key to HMS’s EPS Programs, which let hospital clients efficiently manage equipment maintenance costs. HMS Health is actively pursuing growth through acquisition throughout the Midwest.
The Seller: Crawford Diversified Services, Inc. (CDS) specializes in the sale and service of biomedical equipment within and adjacent to operating rooms. Located in St. Louis, CDS boasts a 15 year history of satisfied customers throughout the greater metro area.
The Close: HMS majority owner Brian Neal contracted with DVS to assist him in rapidly growing his business through acquisition. We pursued a highly targeted strategy to identify specific attractive biomedical service and repair companies throughout the Midwest, of which CDS was one. The owner of CDS was looking for an opportunity to transition out of the business, and his technicians’ skill sets with sterilizers in particular provided a compelling addition to the HMS bank of services. After helping both sides agree to a favorable valuation and structure, DVS worked through multiple financing options with HMS to then engage with the best flexible long term banking partner.