ECS Geothermal

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Industry: Geothermal Systems- Sales and Installation

DVS Role: Sell-Side Advisory to Business Owner
The Buyer: Jim Guffey was the key manager at ECS Geothermal for several years prior to the owner’s decision to sell.
The Seller: ECS Geothermal has been in the energy efficiency business since 1993. The company is the largest geothermal installer in KC and one of the largest Waterfurnace dealers in the nation. In addition to providing geothermal HVAC system installations and retrofits for the residential and commercial markets, the ECS Geothermal installs several other lines of home comfort products such as radiant floor heating and pool heater systems.
The Close: The business owner, a serial entrepreneur wished to pursue other investment opportunities. He needed to redirect both the time and liquidity he had tied up in ECS Geothermal. DVS confidentially took the company to market but soon identified its existing management team as being the best candidate to buy the business. DVS structured the transaction and sourced funding for the management buyout while garnering the seller 90% cash at close.