Selby Acquisition of Utility Solutions


Industry:  Heavy Machinery Construction – Manhole and Culvert Repair

Location:  Basehor, Kansas

The DVS Group Role: Buyside Advisory

JD Selby (DVS Buyside Client):

JD Selby graduated with an engineering degree from West Point. Before receiving an honorable discharge from the Army, JD was a Field Artillery Officer. Austin and Houston, Texas served as JD’s home before meeting his wife and moving to her home-town of Kansas City. After completing his MBA and spending time at several large Fortune 100 companies, JD decided that he needed to use his business acumen and engineering mind to be a business owner.

Utility Solutions (Seller):

Todd Breuer started Utility Solutions and enjoyed the work spent outside. Running several crews in the manhole repair business, Todd discovered that he enjoyed the sport of running outside more. A triathlete, Todd will be spending his free time after the transition traveling to and competing in Iron Man competitions around the country.

The Deal:

Both a first-time buyer and seller, JD and Todd needed the guidance of The DVS Group and Associate Mandy Prather to figure out the structuring of the deal that would be most advantageous to both sides. Several factors resulted in the need to find just the right financing to get the deal done. After several months of working with the SBA, the deal was closed at the end of March 2021, and Todd helped JD secure one of the largest jobs Utility Solutions has ever won.