United Landscapes


Industry: Professional Services- Commercial Landscaping

Location: St. Augustine, FL

DVS Role: Buy-Side Advisory to Corporate Executive


The Buyer: Mr. Charles Smith, former CEO and Senior Board Advisor to Hunter Fan Company.


The Seller: United Landscapes, Inc. (www.ulfl.net) has provided top quality landscaping materials and professional outdoor installations throughout Northeast Florida for over 15 years. United serves the residential and commercial markets and installs high quality landscaping as part of the final phase of the construction/remodeling of a property.


The Close: Mr. Smith, despite having his own experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, hired the DVS Group for their expertise in representing individuals after he had identified the target company. The seller had a specific number in mind that he needed to achieve with the sale of the company. DVS assisted Mr. Smith in understanding how to structure a transaction that reached the number in question in a way that managed risk appropriately. DVS also secured financing for the transaction, negotiated adequate working capital capacity in anticipation of growth, worked through several unexpected delays in the sale related to complications with the transfer of certain assets, and managed all parties to arrive at a successful closing.