Wee Ones

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Industry: Manufacturing – Fashion Accessories

DVS Role: Buy-Side Advisory to Corporate Executive
The Buyer: Mr. Miles Faust is a successful corporate executive and former President for Energizer Battery in the UK. He is experienced in large contract negotiation, team-building, and strategy for multinational retail channels. This was his first small business acquisition.
The Seller: Wee Ones is a industry-leading designer and manufacturer of hair accessories. The business grew from a small home-based enterprise to the most highly respected brand in girls’ hair accessories. The company supplies retail operations from independent specialty retail boutiques, to hair salons, to shoe stores to department stores. Wee Ones was under the management of the company’s founder and her daughter at the time Mr. Faust approached them about purchasing the company.
The Close: Realizing the complexity and sensitivity of the transaction, Mr. Faust asked DVS for assistance. DVS concurrently supported negotiations with the sellers, key international suppliers, vendors, landlord and financial partners. DVS also worked with Mr. Faust to keep his deal team coordinated throughout the due diligence process. DVS finalized a beneficial structure and closed the transaction.