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Former Army Ranger Acquires Business Perfect for Creating His Legacy and Positively Impacting His Family, Community and Veterans.

Industry: Carpet, Rugs and Flooring

Location: Overland Park, KS

The DVS Group’s Role: Buyside Representation


U.S. Army Sgt. (Ret) Jay Erwin and his wife, Courtney, recently closed the deal on acquiring Dimensions, Inc., parent company of KC Wholesale Carpet and Area Rug Dimensions. The corporation and its two companies have built a strong, trusted brand name across the Kansas City Metro since it was founded in 1997. The Erwins are most excited about the company’s growth potential in new markets across Kansas City and exploring opportunities and relationships among fellow small business owners. The two also were drawn to the company’s culture of understanding that work put in directly impacts the output. That culture resonates for Jay, who will abide by the Ranger Creed forever.


“My experience as an Army Ranger has always given me an appetite to achieve more and to never settle. The third stanza of the Ranger Creed includes, ‘and I will shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be, one-hundred percent and then some,’” Erwin explains. “No matter how hard things get, in business or in life, don’t give up and always strive to set the example for others to follow. I chose Dimensions, Inc. to earn my business legacy here in Kansas City, which will positively affect my family and community, especially veterans.”


Buying a Kansas City Metro-Based Business was a Must for This Wichita Native

Erwin, a Purple Heart recipient and Wichita native, served in Iraq. In 2006, his platoon came under attack near Baghdad. Erwin was left with shrapnel wounds to his face, neck and extremities, requiring emergency surgery at Walter Reed Medical Center. During his transition to a civilian, Erwin made an important connection with GallantFew, a nonprofit organization with a mission “To facilitate a peaceful, successful transition from military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose.”


In 2017, Erwin attended a Kansas City Royals game under the guise he was the veteran or active duty member honoree of the night. On top a stadium of fans applauding Erwin for his service, he was given a new Malibu on behalf of Kansas City Chevrolet dealers.


Erwin explains, “After receiving a car at the K for the work I do in support of veterans, I knew Kansas City would be our home. Buying a business here in Kansas City means I can support other small businesses and help make a positive impact within the community. I have two young boys I am raising to be men, and they need to witness their father being a positive role model in the community and to understand the value of hard work.”


Trusted Connections in the Veteran Community Led Erwin to The DVS Group

The Kansas City Metro is home to a very close military/veteran community. These networks are a source for inspiration, information and trusted referrals. When Erwin came to the realization he needed a better outlet for personal and business growth, he confided in fellow ex-Rangers. One, specifically, encouraged him to take the business ownership route, leading him directly to The DVS Group, a social impact investment bank focused on serving groups like veterans, walking them through the buying process and helping them become community-building business owners.


“Once connected with DVS Group, I knew I would be taken care of from a transition standpoint. Not only would they help me reach my goal, but also connect me with other veterans who have left the corporate world to acquire a company. Any firm that has veterans and their families as their best interest is a direct reflection of their leadership and values,” Erwin says. “Philanthropy is a major catalyst to change. Giving a veteran the opportunity, such as a business acquisition, is an opportunity not many veterans receive. DVS Group’s years of business relationships help make the business acquisition a success and sets the veteran up for success after the transition.”


The DVS Group Brings Veteran Buyer and Seller Together


Need info here about what seller was looking for in buyer and a quote from Chris about his choosing to sell to Erwin. If not possible, this section can be deleted and it flow to the conclusion below.


Erwin is Planning for the Future as a Veteran Business Owner

Husband, father, veteran, Ranger, founding member and first volunteer for GallantFew and now owner of Dimensions, Inc., Erwin plans to be a role model for his sons, plus the community at large.


If the business sellers play a role in his future; all the better. Erwin says, “The Bradfords’ willingness to help mentor a veteran to become a business owner speaks volumes to their character. My hope is that Chris and Christine will be available for me in whatever capacity I may need. My goal is to develop a relationship with them that lasts longer than a term or note on a document. As an American and a veteran, I am obligated to keep their legacy alive through my own hard work and dedication just as they have done.”


For Erwin, owning a successful business and community philanthropy go hand in hand. In addition to growing his companies, Erwin wants to help the next veteran business owner in the pipeline for DVS Group, continue to grow GallantFew so more veterans and veteran business owners can connect, share ideas and volunteer to mentor others.


Guiding veterans, like Erwin and other past buyers, creates partnerships that help DVS Group identify veterans ready to make a positive change via business ownership.


The Deal

The transaction closed in December of 2022.

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