Kevin Hill Acquisition of Efytal


Industry:  Jewelry

Location:  San Carlos, CA

The DVS Group Role: Buyside Advisory

Kevin and Amy Hill – DVS Buyside Clients:

Following a 25-year career of tremendous success at Enterprise Holdings, (formerly Enterprise Rent-A-Car), Kevin Hill retired to pursue his dream of personal business ownership with Amy, his wife and better half. The Hills had relocated to Birmingham, AL for Kevin’s last “tour of duty” with Enterprise and were seeking a way to purchase a business close to their childhood homes in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Efytal (Seller):

Efy Nagy founded Efytal, an online gift jewelry brand, 12 years ago. She experienced a meteoric rise on the Amazon marketplace in the past 3 years and found herself running a 20+ person company with 3 locations and several million dollars in annual revenue. In order to spend more time with her family she opted to sell the business while it was still on its ascent or before anything got out of her control. She listed the business with Lassiter Mason at, a specialty business broker focusing on online retailers with an emphasis on the Amazon marketplace.

The Deal:

Despite having locations outside of the greater Washington, D.C. metro area, the opportunities with Efytal were unbeatable for significant growth, appropriately allocated risk in the capital structure, and remote/mobile management to allow the Hills a freedom of lifestyle they had not experienced in 25 years in the corporate world.

Financing e-commerce companies is always a challenge even with the strength of balance sheet and résumé like the Hills. We utilized the services of Joe McAleer, a capital sourcing expert, to help partner with an SBA lender who was able to meet the necessary terms to close a fair deal for all parties.

In collaboration with counsel for both sides we were able to complete a significant transaction for a rapidly growing company in a space that challenges most lenders.