Tnemec Acquisition of Tex-Cote


Industry:  Manufacturing

Location:  Panama City, FL

The DVS Group Role: Buyside Advisory

Tnemec – DVS Buyside Client:

Tnemec Company, Inc. specializes in protecting surfaces and structures from corrosion with high-performance coatings and linings. Founded in 1921, Tnemec is one of the largest privately held protective coatings manufacturers in North America.

Tnemec is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., and manufactures a full range of protective coating products at facilities in North Kansas City, Mo., Baltimore, Md., and Shanghai, China. Tnemec’s North American customers are serviced by distribution facilities in Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle and Compton, Calif.

TexˑCote (Seller):

Textured Coating of America, creators of TexˑCote, offers a complete line of decorative and protective high-build architectural coatings for commercial, industrial, transportation and residential applications. Genuine TEX-COTE® products are found on some of today’s most prestigious buildings, landmarks, control towers and homes throughout the world.

Since its founding in 1961, ongoing research and development efforts have led the way to countless industry advancements and “green” products which have low Volatile Organic Contents (VOC) and can reduce cooling costs. Manufacturing facilities in California and Florida provide effective distribution capabilities for customers across the USA.

The Deal:

The founding families of both TexˑCote and Tnemec were familiar with each other for many years prior to this transaction. Given Tnemec’s deep history in commercial, industrial, and infrastructure applications, the capabilities to grow into the residential market with the help of the TexˑCote brand made for an attractive opportunity. DVS engaged with both Tnemec and TexˑCote a couple of years before and was thus able to rapidly facilitate the outline and negotiation of a deal for the assets of TexˑCote to be purchased by Tnemec. Both brands are eager to build on the success of the other as they enter into a new period of growth.