Industry: Consumer Products – Beauty

Location: New York, NY

The DVS Group Role: Buyside Advisory

DVS Client:

We didn’t have to do much to get business owners excited about our buyside client, a husband and wife team with big-city resumes and hometown hearts. They left leadership positions with major companies to do things on their own terms. After selling a small business they ran together, the duo was excited for the next opportunity to grow a promising company. With impressive backgrounds in health, beauty, and marketing, these two were the next best owners of Humane. They asked to remain unnamed while they get oriented as the new owners of a nationally-known brand.

Other Party: Humane SkincareHumane Skincare

Humane is an online consumer products company in the health and beauty industry. Humane has two main skincare products sold on Amazon – a face wash and a toner. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. The company was an attractive acquisition target because of its quality products, strong presence on Amazon, and growth potential.

The Deal:

Although we did some active outreach typical of our buyside process, this deal came together through an established relationship with a broker of online businesses. We regularly stay in touch with this broker to hear about interesting opportunities he might have for our buyers. We heard about the Humane opportunity and knew our client would be interested. The purchase price and terms came together without many hiccups. Despite being an online business and therefore difficult for bankers to love, we secured financing at favorable terms. The transaction closed on January 30, 2019.